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(A podcast

about CULTS)

Hosted by  Lola Blanc and  Meagan Elizabeth

   The Show

Cult survivors  Lola Blanc, a filmmaker, actress, and musician, and Meagan Elizabeth, a comedian and former psychologist, talk to fellow survivors, former and current believers, experts, and everyone in between to try to get to the bottom of how extreme belief happens, who's susceptible (hint: everyone), and what being in a cult is really like.

Covering everything from seductive cult leaders and harrowing experiences of organized religion to manipulation, groupthink, and the abuse of power in all its forms, the gals blend their unfiltered personalities and cheeky senses of humor with a healthy dose of compassion and curiosity.

This podcast is here to prove that wanting to believe in something bigger than yourself is the most human instinct in the world.

Trust me.

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